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Recharge Booster Jelly Stick

A refreshing grape jelly stick made with traditional Asian herb to relieve hangovers. It also has added nutritional value to help counter the effects of alcohol.


  • 1 Box includes 10 packets


Take 1 packet before and after consuming alcohol. Retake as often as desired. Enjoy!

  • Light drinking = take min. 1 jelly
  • Hard drinking = take min. 2 jellies


  • Oriental Raisin or Huggae (헛개): Asian traditional herb that relieves hangovers and keep your liver happy
  • Curcumin: Anti-inflammatory + Fights free radicals
  • Grape: Nutrient rich + Supports heart health
  • Blueberry: Antioxidant superfood + Low-calorie
  • Honey: Natural sweetener + Rich in B-Complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant + Supports immune system
  • Boosters: Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen - healthy add-ons to keep you Super Like-ready!


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Maverick Adams

I tried this before drinking and no matter how much I drink, it definitely removes the hangover for the next day. The taste is so yummy! I would love to have this even as a snack, it's a jell with grape flavor. Would definitely recommend!

Posted on Mar 08, 2023 2:39AM


Matthew Hill

Tastes great and it actually seems to work. I feel much less hungover next day.

Posted on Mar 07, 2023 5:34AM


Willow Alvarez

I was convinced to try this one out because it was FDA registered and most are not. To my surprise, it worked exactly like they said it would. Very happy with my purchase.

Posted on Mar 06, 2023 6:09PM


Zion Sanchez

I took these with my husband on our cruise last week and were both really pleased with the results. Took them everyday when we were drinking more heavily than usual and woke up hangover-free. We will be taking with us on all our trips and before parties as they really, truly work.

Posted on Mar 03, 2023 7:48PM

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